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Our Helping to
the world.

Community Development Organization makes you a superior parent and genuinely sets a model for your kids to help other people who, at that point, can't help themselves.

Our Helping to
the world.

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What we are doing

We Are in Some Ways Helping The Community

Child Sponsor

Children in need with sponsor means investing in a child's life and empowering them to grow up healthy, educated & safe.

Clean Water

As there are million people lack of access to get safe water, we're working to bring water and sanitation to the world.

Share Knowledge

In school, we leverage the community by getting the parents involved in a nontraditional way of volunteering.

Donate stuff

Our charity nonprofit organization accept donated goods, including clothes, shoes, school bags..etc .

Gift Donation

If your friend often ask you for birthday or holiday gift ideas, you can ask them to donate to a favorite charity instead.

Raise Funds

You can raise funds for charity sharing your favorite causes on social media, or participating in a sponsored walk.

About our foundation

We Are In A Mission To Help For Helpless

Our main goal at Help the Helpless is to provide the physical and spiritual necessities, formal training, and professional open doors to helpless youngsters and families in Its far-off regions in Nepal Himalayas.

The goal is to assist those in neediness with becoming independent and to break the obligation of destitution that they live in..

About US
Our Cases you can see

Explore our latest causes that we works

poor children in Nuwakot

Nuwakot, Nepal Poor Children for education

Raised: $1,000

Goal: $1,200

healthy foods for children

Providing Healthy Food For The Children

Raised: $8,600

Goal: $11,000

supply drinking water

Supply Drinking Water For The People

Raised: $1,090

Goal: $1,690

What we are doing

Our Expert Volunteer Alwyes ready

Ammar Guni

Ammar Raj Guni

Volunteer leader

Jayaram Thapaliya

Jayaram Thapaliya

Volunteer leader

shreeram Thapaliya

Shreeram Thapaliya

Volunteer leader

Som Shrestha

Som Shrestha

Volunteer leader

Lets Chenge The World With Humanity

Beth Pekol Beth Pekol Porto

What Are Our Volunteers Saying

“I had the good fortune of meeting Ammar Guni in 2009 during my visit to Nepal with my sister Julie. You could not meet a better man. His love of his country and his dedication to helping the people there was inspiring. You can be sure that any donations made to CDFN will be put to great use. He is an honest, noble man with a heart of gold. I would encourage anyone to help with what you can.”

Pascal Flock Pascal Flock

What Are Our Volunteers Saying

“Ammar Guni, the CEO of organization is a great and trustworthy person, who cares a lot about the community. We already took the chance to support him twice with donating for his welfare projects, and like to encourage everyone to contribute in giving back a little bit to the friendly and always kind and helpful Nepali people..”

Lisa Ingram Lisa Ingram, Australia

What Are Our Volunteers Saying

“Choosing a local community based charity enabled us to make a difference fast, at a time when it was needed, plus empowered the Community Development Foundation Nepal to deliver on exactly the services that were really needed. I recommend this charitable organization and commend its work.”

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